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Teledyne Leeman Labs is dedicated to helping you build your business by providing the latest in product and application information.  If you are looking for a specific application and do not see it in the list below, please feel free to contact us.

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AN2301 Hg in Wastewater ISO Method 178529/20/2023QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AN2302_Hg-in-Wastewater_EPA-245.7_(CVAFS)9/1/2023QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AN2203 Hg in Bev Micro Extract M-7600(CVAA)8/8/2022QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN2202 Green_Chemistry_EPA_7471B_M-76004/4/2022QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN2201_Green_Chemistry_EPA_7470A_M-76003/2/2022QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN2102 MeHg Korea Method HydraIIC (CAA)5/6/2021Hydra II CMercury
AN1905 Reduce Reagent & Waste Hg Analysis M-760012/6/2019QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN1702_Mercury_Det._in_Fish_Shellfish_HydraIIC4/4/2017Hydra II CMercury
AN1701_En_Moisture_Ctrl_USEPA_7473_HydraIIC3/1/2017Hydra II CMercury
AN1607 Mercury Determination Tuna CRM463 M-76009/19/2016QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN1604_Mercury_Det._Seaweed_CD200_HydraIIC6/8/2016Hydra II CMercury
AN1603_Mercury_Det._in_Tea_HydraIIC6/2/2016Hydra II CMercury
AN1507_Mercury_Det._in_House_Dust9/29/2015Hydra II CMercury
AN1506 M8000 Groundwater EPA 245.7 VS ISO 178529/9/2015QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AN1502 Mercury Determination in Lichen App Note4/17/2015QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
1054 - Hg in Blood by Hydra-C4/16/2015Hydra II CMercury
1057 - Determination of Hg in Used Engine Oil4/16/2015Hydra II CMercury
AN1501_Bottled-Water_1631_(CVAFS)1/29/2015QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AP-M8000-013 ERM-CA615 EPA 245-7 Application Note11/4/2014QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AP-M7600-002 Mercury Analysis of Coastal Seawater by CVAAS Ultra Trace8/15/2014QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AP-M7600-005 ERM CA615 ISO 12846 090913 Application Note3/18/2014QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AP-M7600-004 ERM-CA615 EPA 245-7 Application Note3/18/2014QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AP-M8000-012 ERM-CA615 ISO 17852 Application Note1/3/2014QuickTrace M-8000Mercury
AP-M7600-003 Mercury Analysis of Industrial Sludge by CVAAS9/9/2013QuickTrace M-7600Mercury
AN1301 Determination of Mercury in Synthetic Gypsum8/7/2013Hydra II CMercury
AN1302 Determination of Mercury8/7/2013Hydra II AFMercury
1062 -Hg in Soils Sediments and Sludges with the Hydra IIA4/23/2013Hydra II AAMercury
1063 - Hg in Waters by Method 245 14/23/2013Hydra II AAMercury
1076 - Hg in samples by EPA Method 7473 with the Hydra-C4/23/2013Hydra II CMercury
1081-Hg_in_Food_Grade_Plastics_using_the_HydraIIC4/23/2013Hydra II CMercury
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