Tacs Talks 3.jpgTACS Talks is a compilation of audio presentations about applications, tips and tricks, product information, how-to and other valuable information to aid you with your application and be more productive in your work environment.

Teledyne Advanced Chemistry Systems (TACS) is a group of four Teledyne companies manufacturing products for laboratory analysis or for measurement of gas flow and vacuum pressure.

•Teledyne CETAC Technologies
• Teledyne Hastings Instruments​
• Teledyne Leeman Labs
• Teledyne Tekmar


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Episode 14: A Day in the Life of a Quality Control (QC) Chemist

On this podcast, we will talk about a day in the life of a QC Chemist, what they do and how they do it.

Sara Kennedy is our guest speaker for this podcast.  Sara is the Application/QC Chemist at Teledyne Leeman Labs and is responsible for the Mercury Analyzers.

Some additional topics that will be discussed:

  • What a typical day looks like morning and afternoon

  • Steps to preparing chemical reagents and standards

  • Process for performing analytical tests

  • Daily challenges one might come across

  • Most rewarding aspects of the job

  • Tips for becoming a QC Chemist

For more information on Teledyne Leeman Labs visit: www.teledyneleemanlabs.com

Episode 13: Evolution of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis​​

This podcast is the third and final part of the Evolution series. This part 3 podcast discusses the evolution of TOC or Total Organic Carbon. 

Part 1 discussed ICP - Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers  Part 2 covered Mercury Analyzers

The podcast covers the following: 

History of TOC Markets and Applications How TOC instruments impact our day-to-day lives

Our guest speaker is Tyler Trent with who the Elemental Marketing Manager at Teledyne Tekmar.

For more information on TOC visit - https://www.teledynetekmar.com/products/total-organic-carbon-(toc) 

To learn more about the Theory of TOC visit - https://www.teledynetekmar.com/prods/TOC/Pages/TOC-Theory.aspx

Episode 12: Mass Flow Controller Best Practices​​

In this podcast we will be discussing best practices for Mass Flow Controllers.

Our guest speaker is Doug Baker with who is the Director of Sales and Business Development at Teledyne Hastings. Doug is going to talk with us today about Mass Flow Controllers, what they are, how they work, applications and best practices.

Here are some of the things that will be discussed:

  • What is a Mass Flow Controller?
  • Industries or applications best suited to use Mass Flow Controllers
  • Best practices
  • Unique features on Mass Flow Controllers
  • How to determine which Mass Flow Controller is best for their needs?

For more information on Mass Flow Controllers, click​ here​

Here is some additional information you might find useful relating to Mass Flow Controllers:


Episode 11: Introduction to Laser Ablation
In this podcast we will give listeners an introduction to Laser Ablation.

Our guest speaker is Damon Green with who is VP of Technology and the Manager of the laser group at Teledyne. 

Here are some of the things that Damon will talk about: 
  • ​What is Laser Ablation?
  • A brief history of Laser Ablation?
  • Laser ablation vs other analytical techniques
  • When to use laser ablation – what are advantages of using LA?
  • Most c​ommonly use applications

For more information on Laser Ablation, click here

Here are some previously recorded webinars that might be of interest:

Episode 10: Insights into an Applications Chemist

​We thought this would be a helpful podcast for those who are interested in exploring a career path as an applications chemist.  Our guest speaker, Jeramiah Bradley will provide insights into the follo​wing: 

  • What it takes to become an applications chemist
  • What a typical day in the life of one looks like 
  • Helpful tips for someone looking to get into this field

Our guest speaker, Jeramiah Bradley, is currently an applications chemist with Teledyne Tekmar and he has been working at Tekmar for a little over two years.

For more information on Tekmar visit: www.teledynetekmar.com


Episode 9: Introduction to the APS-7450V Volumetric Sample Prep Station

​In this podcast, we will be discussing the new APS-7450V Volumetric Sample Prep Station which was launched by Teledyne CETAC in the spring of 2021.

Our guest speaker is Jacob Herrington with who is a Product Manager for the APS-7450V at Teledyne CETAC. Jake is going to talk about the following: 

  • ​​What is the APS-7450V 
  • What market and applications it was designed for  
  • Some of the unique features and benefits it offers for these applications and those using it.

If you are interested in more information on the APS-7450V, here are some helpful resources:


Episode 8: Fundamentals of Purge and Trap

In this podcast, we will be discussing the Fundamentals of Purge and Trap covering the following topics: 

  • What purge and trap is 
  • The history behind it 
  • What markets and applications use this technology  
  • Various other aspects relating to Purge and Trap

Our guest speaker for this podcast is Tom Hartlein with Teledyne Tekmar. Tom is currently the VOC Technical product manager at Tekmar and has over 30-years experience with this technology.

​​Episode 7: Evolution of Analytical Instrumentation - Hg (Mercury) Analyzers​

​Join us in this 3 Join us in part 2 of this 3 part series discussing the evolution of analytical instrumentation over the last 30 plus years. This second part will focus on Hg (Mercury) Analyzers from Teledyne Leeman Labs. 

Jeff Forsberg, technical product manager, will walk the listener through a journey of how Mercury analysis has evolved during this timeframe.

Jeff will cover the following topics:

  • History 
  • Markets Applications 
  • How the mercury analyzers impact our day-to-day lives

For more information on Teledyne Leeman Labs, visit https://www.teledyneleemanlabs.com and to learn about Mercury products, https://www.teledyneleemanlabs.com/products/mercury-analyzers

Episode 6: Evolution of Analytical Instrumentation - ICP Spectrometers

​Join us in this 3 part series discussing the evolution of analytical instrumentation over the last 30 plus years. This first part will focus on ICP Spectrometers from Teledyne Leeman Labs. Manny Almeida, technical product manager, will walk the listener through a journey of how ICP has evolved during this timeframe.

Manny will cover the following topics: 

  • Background and theory on what the ICP instrumentation does
  • What markets and applications utilize ICP 
  • How ICPs have evolved over the past 30 years​

Episode 5: Basic Troubleshooting for ICP-OES Webinar Recording​​

​This webinar audio presentation and learn more about basic troubleshooting for ICP-OES. Manny Almeida's, ICP Technical Product Manager for Teledyne Leeman Labs presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Strategies to isolate the component causing the problem 
  • Simple diagnostic tests 
  • Sample introduction troubleshooting 
  • Maintenance tips to prevent problems
Episode 4: Laser Ablation 201: Applications of Laser Ablation and Data Reduction Strategies Webinar Recording

This audio webinar presentation is part 3 of a 3 part series.  The presentation will be particularly valuable for those scientists who are interested in seeing how the large data sets associated with high speed mapping are interrogated to find the elements or regions of concern within a sample.

This presentation will cover examples of high speed mapping applications with an overview of Teledyne's HDIP data reduction software.

Listeners will come away with an understanding of how to process large data sets with HDIP software along with the tools & advantages that it can provide over other data reduction softwares available.  Listeners will also be exposed to many sample types/applications.

Dr. Ciprian Stremtan, Teledyne CETAC Global Product Specialist Laser Ablation will be presenting.

Episode 3: Laser Ablation 102: The Evoluation of LA-ICP-MS Through Collaborative Science Webinar Recording

This audio webinar presentation is part 2 of 3 in a series.  It was recorded for anyone interested in keeping up with the newest developments in LA-ICP-MS and how it is helping scientists improve their research by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

This presentation will cover the following topics:

History of Laser Ablation  History of Sample Chamber Designs Development of the Iridia/ Cobalt Cell/ HDIP High Speed Mapping Applications Utilizing New PMI Products

Listenerss will leave with an understanding of where this technique began and, more importantly, where the technique is going.  We'll discuss applications that are now possible due to the advances and show relevant examples.  

Dr. Damon Green, Teledyne CETAC VP Technology and Laser Ablation Product Line Manager will be presenting.

Episode 2: Laser Ablation 101: An Introductin to the Technique of LA-ICP-MS Webinar Recording

Join us for this webinar audio presentation.  This presentation is designed for anyone interested in laser ablation that isn't familiar with the technique and would like to identify its advantages and applications of relevance.  

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is Laser Ablation ICP-MS
  • Laser Sources and Selection
  • Laser Ablation vs Other Analytical Techniques
  • Fractionation Effects & Application Examples

Listeners will leave with an understanding of why labs would utilize laser ablation for elemental analysis and its advantages over aqueous analyses.  Listeners will also be introduced to a number of relevant application examples and the ability to ask questions.

Lucas Smith, Teledyne CETAC Director of Business Development - Americas will be presenting.​

Episode 1: Carousel Autosamplers for Low and Medium Volume Liquid Samples Webinar Recording

Enjoy this webinar audio that will provide information on use of carousel type autosamplers with an integrated enclosure for high sensitivity ICP-MS work; benefits include ability to handle low-volume (less than 2mL) samples while preventing sample contamination.   These autosamplers can be used as standalone systems or with another accessory such as the Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System.

The audio presentation will cover the following information on the ASX-110FR and ASX-112FR Carousel Autosamplers: 

Autosampler setup, rinse station options and integrated enclosure Autosampler sample rack and vial options Autosampler maintenance and troubleshooting

This presentation is designed for: 

Customers using ICP-MS (quadrupole, magnetic sector, and multicollector types) for trace element detection in semiconductors or isotope ratio measurements in geochemistry.

Fred Smith, Teledyne CETAC Product Line Technical Manager for Nebulizer and Enclosure products will be presenting this podcast.​​​