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Within the Petrochemical market segment there are many pillars that make up this segment ranging from:

  • Processing/transmission
  • Refinin​g
  • Blending and wear metals analysis of oil-based materials
  • Measurement of wear metals in lubricating oils
  • Measurement of additive packages in lubricating oils 
  • Measurement of the elemental content of edible oils

Within each of these steps the material being produced, and the equipment must be checked for certain impurities. As these impurities could be detrimental to the process and the equipment/piping.

Teledyne Leeman Labs produces high quality ICP-OES and Hg Analyzers to meet the rigorous demands from Petrochemical and Oil Analysis applications. 

Petrochemical / Oil Analysis Applications:

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)Mercury
The Leeman Labs ICP-OES is highly reliable and with the industry’s most responsive and experienced support teams; Teledyne Leeman ICP-OES systems make analyzing oils sample fast, simple and accurate. By adding on sample automation from Teledyne CETAC, this will dramatically increase sample throughput which is critical for analysis on metals within the Petrochemical market.Leeman Labs offers a comprehensive range of turnkey systems for the determination of low to ultra-trace levels of mercury in both a liquid (ie: naphtha, crude and other light distillates) and solid/semi-solid matrices commonly encountered in petrochemical operations. Our systems employ the technique of sample digestion followed by cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA) or direct sample combustion followed by Hg mass determination by atomic absorption (CAA).
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  • ICP Methods:
    • ASTM D5185
    • ASTM D6130
  • ​​Hg Methods:
    • ​ASTM D7623

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