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​Selecting the Best Mercury Analysis Technique for your Application

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Available at: 9am / 2pm / 9pm Eastern Daylight Time

​Please note that the webinar is being given at three different times so be sure to select the appropriate time to meet your needs.

​Please join us for this 45-minute webinar, during which we’ll discuss: 

  1. The difference between the three principle analytical techniques for mercury analysis: 
    1. ​Cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA)
    2. Cold vapor atomic fluorescence (CVAF)
    3. Direct analysis by thermal decomposition (CAA) 
  2. How regulations impact technique choice
  3. Not only what technique you should use, but why
  4. A convenient way to measure mercury in solids and semi-solid matrices
  5. What other considerations must be taken into account to succeed using each mercury analysis technique

This webinar is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the different mercury analysis techniques, any scientist or analyst who would like to learn how to choose which technique and instrument is right for different applications, and anyone working on mercury determination in soil, sediments, sludges, wastewater, drinking water, coal, fly ash, fish, foods, feeds, petroleum products and more. This is also ideal for environmental scientists/technicians, analytical chemists/technicians, and laboratory managers.

Just register below for the time convenient to you. We look forward to seeing you!​

Our presenter, Sara Kennedy, is a Mercury Analyzers Applications Chemist at Teledyne Leeman Labs.


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