Measure Nitrogen by ICP-OES: Teledyne Leeman Labs Introduces a New Accessory Which Allows the Determination of Elemental Nitrogen by ICP-OES

Hudson, NH - November, 2005 – Teledyne Leeman Labs has developed an accessory for ICP-OES instruments which permits highly accurate determinations of elemental nitrogen in a variety of sample matrices. 

Nitrogen is an analyte of interest in materials ranging from phosphate-based fertilizers to organic compounds. In fertilizers, nitrogen (as ammonium) is a relatively expensive component and must be accurately measure to ensure both product quality and to contain production costs. While a variety of elements in fertilizers are routinely measured by ICP-OES, inorganic nitrogen has typically required alternate analytical techniques; such as the use of a dedicated nitrogen analyzer.

Historically, there have been numerous limitations to the determination of inorganic nitrogen by ICP-OES. The primary limitations included high nitrogen blank levels from diffusion of laboratory air into the plasma and dissolution of air in the samples and standards.

Leeman’s new Nitrogen Accessory includes an air free optical path, a custom torch designed to prevent migration of nitrogen (from air) into the plasma and an innovative sample degassing device that is designed to work with conventional solution autosamplers. Together, these innovations allow the modern ICP to achieve levels of accuracy that used to require a dedicated nitrogen analyzer.

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