​​The Determination of Mercury in Foods using the Hydra-C Mercury Analyzer

Hudson, NH - October, 2007 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, announces the release of a new application note for the determination of mercury in foods using the Hydra-C Mercury Analyzer.

Did you know that some foods consumed on a daily basis contain mercury? Fish, such as tuna, may contain mercury at levels that are unhealthy for higher-risk groups such as expectant mothers and young children.

Teledyne Leeman Labs’ Hydra-C (Direct Mercury Analyzer) provides a fast, simple and convenient approach for the analysis of mercury without any sample pretreatment and without any hazardous chemical wastes. The Hydra-C employs U.S. EPA Method 7473 which is approved for both laboratory and field analysis for mercury in solids and solutions using Thermal Decomposition Amalgamation and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.

Typical Applications of the Hydra-C include:

  • Soils
  • Sewage/Sludge
  • Sediments
  • Blood
  • Geologicals
  • Paints
  • Coal
  • Animal Tissues
  • Foundry Scrap
  • Marine Tissues
  • Plastics
  • Tobacco
  • Cement
  • Vegetation

To receive a copy of Application Note 1051, contact Teledyne Leeman Labs, 6 Wentworth Drive, Hudson, NH 03051. Telephone (603) 886-8400, Fax (603) 886-9141 or email: [email protected]. More information is available on our website at www.LeemanLabs.com.​