​​New Literature: A Mercury Analyzer Designed to meet the requirements of​ U.S. EPA Methods 1631 and 245.7.

Hudson, NH - February, 2005 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, announces the release of an informative datasheet designed to highlight the reasons that make the Hydra AF Gold Plus mercury analyzer an easy to use instrument for U.S. EPA Methods 1631 and 245.7.

The Hydra AF Gold Plus provides all the analytical capabilities of direct fluorescence system with the added capability of trap and purge pre-concentration as described in EPA Method 1631. In the trap and purge mode, mercury is adsorbed from the sample gas stream onto gold traps. Heating the trap releases all the adsorbed mercury as a narrow pulse significantly enhances the signal. Because the Hydra AF Gold Plus provides automated switchover from direct fluorescence to trap and purge fluorescence, it has the unique ability to prescreen samples providing over-range protection in all modes of operation. This protection eliminates the need for time-consuming decontamination procedures following the inadvertent introduction of high mercury concentrations.

If you looking for a mercury analyzer that is designed to meet U.S. EPA 1631 and 245.7, as well as European Standards EN-13506 and EN-12338 – you will want to take a look at this information. 

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