​​New Application Note on the Determination of Mercury in Fish by Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Hudson, NH - May, 2006 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, announces the release of a new application note on the determination of mercury in Fish by Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) Spectroscopy.

Mercury is a toxic element whose harmful effects are well documented and understood. The consumption of fish is the primary source of mercury absorption for the general public. Because fish can bio-accumulate mercury, unacceptably high levels of mercury appear in fish taken from pristine waters. Fish tissue sometimes can be more than 100,000 times more concentrated in mercury than their indigenous waters. Often warnings related to fish in specified bodies of water or to certain species of fish limit recommended consumption for the entire population or those at high risk such as women of child-bearing age. This application note describes the determination of mercury in fish tissue in a variety of canned tuna fish using cold vapor atomic fluorescence (CVAF) Spectroscopy.

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