​​EPA Method 245.7 is on your doorstep: Are you Ready?

Hudson, NH - March, 2005 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, announces a new instrument designed to meet the requirements of the EPA’s latest method for mercury analysis.

All indications are that the EPA will release Method 245.7 (determination of Mercury by simple atomic fluorescence) by mid-summer 2005. In an effort to provide today’s analysts with a product designed to meet the needs of Method 245.7, Teledyne Leeman Labs has introduced the Hydra AF Mercury Analyzer. The Hydra AF meets all hardware performance and QC requirements of the new method. From its atomic fluorescence-based detection system to its Calibration Factor algorithms, Hydra AF provides the user an ideal platform on which to perform low level mercury determinations. In addition to being fully compliant with Method 245.7, Hydra AF includes a built-in high capacity autosampler to ensure that it is able to meet the productivity requirements of today’s laboratories.

To receive additional information on the Hydra Series of mercury analyzers, contact Teledyne Leeman Labs, 6 Wentworth Drive, Hudson, NH 03051. Telephone: 603-886-8400, Fax: 603-886- 9141 or email: Leem[email protected]. You can also visit our website at www.leemanlabs.com.