​​New Application Note on the Analysis of Soil using EPA SW-846 Method 6010C with the Prodigy ICP

Hudson, NH - June, 2006 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, announces the publication of a new application note on the analysis of soil using EPA SW-846 Method 6010C with the Prodigy ICP.

This application note describes the capability of the Prodigy High Dispersion ICP for performing analysis according to EPA SW-846 Method 6010c. In addition to soils, this method is applicable to ground waters, TCLP and Extraction Procedure (EP) toxicity extracts, industrial organic wastes, sludges, and sediments.

As with other U.S. EPA mandated methods, 6010c requires adherence to specific procedures to ensure data quality. Some of these procedures are designed to demonstrate the initial performance of the instrument, while others assess the on-going performance of the laboratory.

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