​​New Technical Note on the Analysis of Naphtha by ICP-OES

Hudson, NH - October, 2006 – Teledyne Leeman Labs, a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for

elemental analysis, announces the publication of a new technical note on the Analysis of

Naphtha by ICP-OES.

Naphtha is commonly used as a fuel in gas turbines. The presence of certain elements, such as

Ca, Pb, V and the alkali elements can cause the formation of hard deposits which significantly

shorten the lifetime of the turbine. The detection limit capability of an axial plasma ICP is an

excellent match for the requirements of this analysis. This technical note describes the

capabilities of the Prodigy High Dispersion ICP for the analysis of Naphtha.

To receive a copy of technical note, “The Analysis of Naphtha by ICP-OES”, contact Teledyne

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886-9141 or email: Leeman[email protected] or to download the technical note from our

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