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 Key Features

  • ​​Isolation electronics – all electronics are isolated from the contained environment to facilitate service access.
  • Interface – a custom enclosure interface provides a hermetic seal between sample introduction area and the analyzer.
  • Failsafe interlock system – safety is always a prime concern for sites involved in the analysis of potentially hazardous samples. Teledyne Leeman Labs’ ICPs provide hardware (not software) based interlocks to protect the instrument and the user from a variety of failure modes including, loss of cooling water, argon flow, RF power, etc.


GloveBox ICP

Whether you’re handling radioactive material, biohazards or ultra high purity chemicals, a controlled atmosphere may be essential for your application, and your safety.

At Teledyne Leeman Labs, we offer a wide variety of containment options for our family of ICP-OES products. Teledyne Leeman Labs has the products, the knowledge and the experience needed to provide you with an exceptional solution.

Teledyne Leeman Labs Enclosure ICP systems provide the same high level of analytical performance as our standard instruments, but are designed specifically to accept a containment envelope (glovebox, fume hood, clean microenvironment, etc.). 

Applications and Industries

GloveBox ICP is used for a wide range of applications in the following industries: ​

  • Chemical
  • Nuclear