Today there are numerous requirements for the analysis of oil based materials. Some of the more frequently employed include: the measurement of wear metals in lubricating oils, the measurement of additive packages in lubricating oils and the measurement of the elemental content of edible oils. Although the specific requirements of each of these analysis are quite different, the analytical approach used is very similar.

Typically, laboratories interested in measuring the elemental constituents of edible oils have fairly conservative sample analysis requirements; perhaps only 10 to 100 samples per day. Most of these labs chose the Profile Plus Oil Analyzer for this application.

Laboratories for which the primary application is the analysis of wear metals often have extreme throughput demands; often in excess of 1,000 samples per day. High throughput wear metals labs typically choose one of our simultaneous oil analyzers, such as the Profile HT or Prodigy HT for this task. A system like the Profile HT is capable of analyzing in excess of 2 samples per minute.


  • ASTM D5185
  • ASTM D6130

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