Environmental Analysis can mean different things to different laboratories. For some it means demonstrating compliance with a NPDES permit, but for others it means tracking down a source of industrial pollution. Still for others, analysis of environmental samples can be the primary source of revenue for their business. The one thing most laboratories have in common is the need for compliance with USEPA and/or internationally recognized methods of analysis.

Total Method Compliance
All Teledyne Leeman instruments are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the USEPA or International Standards for which they were designed. In fact, many of our instruments have played key roles in the automation of environmental methods. Teledyne Leeman Labs manufactures ICP-OES Spectrometers and Mercury Analysis instrumentation that help contracted environmental labs outperform their competition and improve their operating margins by increasing the number of samples that can be run with fewer resources. Let us help you stay ahead of your competition with highly reliable instruments and the industry's most responsive team.


  • EPA Method 200.7
  • EPA Method 6010C
  • European Method 11885
  • EPA Method 245.1
  • EPA Method 245.5
  • EPA Method 245.7
  • EPA Method 7470A
  • EPA Method 7471B
  • SM 3112B
  • EN 1483
  • EN13806

Recommended Products​

  • Hydra IIAA
  • Hydra IIC
  • M-7600
  • M-8000
  • Prodigy7
  • ProdigyPlus