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What are CVAA Mercury Analyzers Systems?

Posted  Mar 18, 2016​

In a previous blog post, we wrote about Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, a primary technique for mercury analysis. In this post, we will describe Teledyne Leeman Labs’ instruments that facilitate the process.

Leeman Labs offers two CVAA systems; the Hydra IIAA, an entry-level CVAA system that can detect mercury limits of less than 5.0 ng/L with a usable range of 5 ng/L to 1 mg/L; and the QuickTrace M-7600 CVAA Mercury Analysis System, which is a dual beam system capable of ultra-trace detection limits of less than 0.5 ng/L.

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  • Prodigy and Prodigy XP ICP - (March 15-17, 2016​)​


  • Analytica - (May 10-13, 2016)
  • Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) - (​October 11-12, 2016)
  • SETAC - (November 6-10, 2016)



When the concentration of mercury needs to be measured, laboratories all over the world turn to Teledyne Leeman Labs for high performance solutions to their mercury analysis challenges.

To help you select the right mercury analyzer for your application download the Mercury-at-a-Glance Comparison Guide and find out which mercury analyzer is the perfect fit for your laboratory needs.



Puzzled by Which inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) is right for you? No Need to be! Leeman labs offers the widest configuration of ICP spectrometers to fit any applications!


 DC Arc

Fast, quantitative, elemental analyses of difficult samples are hallmarks of the DC Arc approach. Few other techniques can challenge the ease-of-use or productivity of DC Arc when it comes to samples that are difficult or impossible to digest. 





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